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hardcore techno mega-mix

today was... interesting
watched the movie in Geography
played cards in Band
wrote my journal in Theatre (haha... Danielle copies me... or do I copy HER? hmmm?)
at lunch Krystle put eyeliner on me, so i walked around with it on... mixed responses...
in algebra, i didn't feel like being there so Audrey wrote me a fake pass saying that i was to leave at 12:15 and the sub let me go. hehe. (thanks Audrey)
so i went to B lunch... nothing happened there,
sub in Debate and all we did was listen to 94.5...
test in English...
we were supposed to work on our Power Points in Biology, but all i did was look at random shyt.
then Chelsea re-did my eyeliner and made the black more visible... good responses...
now i'm here... bo-ring.
hmm... yup. i'm done.
laters homies...
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