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some go this way; some go that way. i prefer the shortcut.

hooray for more fucking homework.
Jesus Christ, the arse-holes sure know how to pack it.
now we have a "survey" due on Friday and a damn Power Point.
what fun.
other than that, it's all good.

school was alright.
didn't do much in the morning..
finished the music inventory.
hahahaha... lunch was funny.
"What happens if i do this?" [unplug the vending machine]
haha. hmm...
then yeah... nothing else.

La Escuela de Cristo was interesting.
did this little imagining thingy.
hmm... i didn't speak up, but i knew damn well that mine was different...
REALLY different.

Johnny Cochran died... that's sad.

i want Converse.
but not the crappy normal kind you see everyone with.
they're gonna be tricked out.
either that, or i'm getting customized Vans.
fuck yeah.
choices... choices.
what do YOU think?
Converse or REALLY pimped-out Vans?
comment away.
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