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not pink, not green, not aqua-marine...

i'm all dsfvdfgvdfav cuz of all this stupid shit.
i need to do so much shit. like that gay little project for Arney that i never fucking turned in. ugh. then i have the shit for Biology thats all fucking due on April 12th. damn. but whatever. and the thing is... i don't even NEED to do most of the shit for Biology, but i'm gonna be all over-achiever and make sure i get a good grade. thank god i have a damn 94 in English. or else i'd be fucked. then Algebra... dude... that's pretty much like if you pass, you pass; if you don't, oh well. so i won't bother with Algebra. i just know i'm passing. and it's not like i can do anything productive in Band seeing as how i'm not going to contest, so as long as i show up, i'm good. doing well in Theatre (for once) and i'm sure i'm passing Debate cuz she has been all anal on my ass lately.
then fucking NHI isn't helping the matter. Jesus Christ... the fucking project shit.
damn it all...

On a LIGHTER note...
i get my iPod next month (finally)
and today was just blah.
mmm... got my shirt dirty.. a lot
wrote down the music crap in Band, then during 4th, we didn't have a guest speaker, so Carlos went up there. haha.. he got booed; nothing during Debate, English blah, watched this random poop about Evolution in Biology.
after school was funny... Jesus and the vending machines.
priceless. but yeah... thats it. i'm out.
later cunts.
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