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i challenge you to a duel

Happy Easter...
blah. i dunno.
NOTHING going on.
like at all..
oh god.. just the rest of today and then tomorrow and we have to go back to that hell hole.
then we have like... no more vacations. ugh... i shudder at the thought.
mm... i think i wanna do something tomorrow. but um.. nothing to do.
w/e. mmm... i'm SO fudgin bored dude.
but i DID figure this out:
when i'm older (and rich), i'm going to pay someone for an entire week...
to be a human foot rest. think about it.
i post a wanted ad. and be like,

"Wanted: sturdy person. Not too skinny. Comfy back. Must be able to go for hours on all fours. Must not complain or be a b*tch. (you know, cuz the paper won't let me say "bitch"). $50/hr for one week"

yeah... fucking a.
i'm out. later cunts.
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