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i'm so bored

so today i woke up at 10:30.
my sister's nose is "swollen"
me arse it's swollen... looks fine to me.
but um... yeah. i didn't do much today.
dude... they're totally showing Alice In Wonderland tomorrow.
Frickin' SWEET!
um.. yeah.. talked to Abby today. that was pretty much the highlight.
but i've figured out my career of choice.
i'm going to be the first white Mexican rapper... who doesn't listen to rap.
either that or i'll be the frontman for a Christian-Metal band.
[insert "Satanic" music] JESUS!!! FOLLOW JESUS! JESUS IS COMING! ARRRRGHHH!!!!!
i'd buy it.
listen to the small children...
"MOMMY! Jesus is coming for me!!!"
"We know, son. We know."
roll that shyt up and smoke it.
peace dawgs.
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