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so yeah...
nothing to talk about today.
i'm doing well on my fast.
bread and water.
yup... so i ate french toast, a biscuit, and waffles (w/o anything).
i've been drinking lots of water too. yup yup.
but um.. yeah.. i feel really bad.
like i was asleep... and my sister was tying to wake me up.. and she was RIGHT above me... and i picked up my head and hit her in the nose. (i went back to sleep). then when i woke up, everyone was like "SHE WAS BLEEDING A LOT!" and i was like... holy shyt.
but she's ok. she didn't get mad or anything. couldn't have possibly been worse than what happened when i hit MY nose.
aww... i'm sad. cuz Abby called me while i was asleep. [tear].
oh well... but i don't know what else tyo do, cuz i'm all bored and shyt, so ugh... fucking bugs.. anyway... so yeah. mmm.. i went over my minutes... so i don't think i'll be letting people borrow my phone after school anymore. unless they're bleeding... or dying... or being chased by a rabid monkey that coincidentally also has AIDS and wants to have dirty monkey sex with someone's foot. THEN i'll let them borrow it.
i'm out... later bitches.
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