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Can't lose with 22"s Bitch, THATS whats up.

haha... hmm... nothing especially exciting has happened.
but yesterday was uber fun.
hmm... came home and got online...
got bored so i call up Jack and he tells me to head over there.
so i walk to Jacks house (along the way i see 2 REALLY hot chicks)
and then when i got there Nava, Nathan, Joel, and Joseph were there too.
so yeah. busted out with the Creme Soda (WHOO!) and played Halo 2 all hardcore
some guy named Albert was there so it was awesome.
Poopie Jr. kicks ASS
so after getting beaten on for a while, we decide to play on Xbox Live.
yup... then i left.
so i call Abby and we talk for a few mins.
then she said she'd call me back, but i fell asleep. hahaha. woops.
but other than that... it was all good.
oh yeah... people also thought my shirt was scary... i think it's cool. (thanks Jesus)
so yeah... fun stuff.
and yeah.. that poem was written in 4th period outof COMPLETE boredom. fyi.
peace out homies.
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