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[4.17.05 - 1.20pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

fucking heat [4.10.05 - 5.46pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | hot ]

it's hot as a bitch up in herrrrrr
w/e. yeah... yesterday was interesting.
it involved only me in my room doing nothing but watching TV.
yeah... i had a TV adventure.
fun shit.
first, i woke up and watched Power Rangers SPD. hahaha yeah... i woke up kinda early... it was interesting, because the yellow ranger is pretty hot. and they all have powers.. which kinda bring literal meaning to the phrase "POWER Rangers". and the violence is more realistic... yup. their giant robot guy is kinda gay though... the sword looks like a penis...

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it's hot as a bitch up in herrrrrr
w/e. yeah... yesterday was interesting.
it involved only me in my room doing nothing but watching TV.
yeah... i had a TV adventure.
fun shit.
first, i woke up and watched <i>Power Rangers SPD</i>. hahaha yeah... i woke up kinda early... it was interesting, because the yellow ranger is pretty hot. and they all have powers.. which kinda bring literal meaning to the phrase "POWER Rangers". and the violence is more realistic... yup. their giant robot guy is kinda gay though... the sword looks like a penis... <_< >_>
and they also take orders from a talking dog? uh...
and then i watched <i>Grind</i>. i like that movie. tis funny.
after that, i watched a CGI Hippo bite the shit out of a CGI Shark on Animal Planet... it was cool. then they showed <i>The Most Extreme...</i>
yeah... did you know that baby giraffes fall lik6 ft. when they're born? cuz the mom doesn't lay down... she gives brith standing up.. and then they learn how to run like hrs/ after they're born. crazy. baby seals are cool.
then i watched <i>The Batman</i>. yeah... not "Batman". <i>THE Batman</i>... as opposed to the OTHER Batman. yeah... just a LOT of TV....
today, i just cleaned my room... cuz i'm cool like that. yup yup. i also saw <i>Catch That Kid</i>. that was an interesting movie... totally unrealistic... but interesting nonetheless... OH!!! <i>The Crow 2</i> is freakin awesome... although i dont like Vincent Perez's accent...
yeah... that's all... i'm out. peace.

i wanna fucking RIOT [4.6.05 - 6.28pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | confused ]

okay then... i haven't updated since like... foreverago...
since like... the 2nd.. and today is the 6th..
4 days.. go Stevan...
but quite frankly... i can't remember shit of what happened in the past 4 days... except today...
and the day before yeserday (Monday, if you will), i got like 30 mins. of sleep...
cuz i'm cool like that... no...
cuz like... um... eh... oh yeah...
cuz like... i fell asleep like at 5:30 and then um... i woke up at 9:29 and so i couldnt sleep, so i watched The Girl Next Door
good shit.. the chick is hot <3
and um... i know i wanted to say something here... uh...
[2 mins. later] OH YEAH! i found out who i'm playing in The History Of Tom Jones
i'm playing Square and Mr. Fitzpatrick.
yup... cuz i'm a mudderfudgin p-i-m-p.
yeah yea-iii.
don't click the cut unless you want to hear my ranting
if you click the cut... dont say anything unless you know what you're talking about...


Punk's not dead... you're just killing it.Collapse )


[4.2.05 - 7.30pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | weird ]

its all like WHOA about the Pope...
it really really sucks...
that's crazy... i wonder who they'll chose next?
i dunno...
this world is in a strange state... hmm..
i'm counting down to the days of our impending doom...

but on a lighter note:
i got haircut today..
yeah... i dunno...
i wanna see the new Star Wars movie... looks cool.
but yeah... [sigh]
i feel weird...
kinda empty weird...
musta been the Hawaiian Punch...
i wanna do something tomorrow...
like fun...
lets go chill at the park (like Jesus wanted)
who's with me?
i want new shoes... Vans... mmmm...
schwiing... peace out homies.


hardcore techno mega-mix [4.1.05 - 4.43pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | amused ]

today was... interesting
watched the movie in Geography
played cards in Band
wrote my journal in Theatre (haha... Danielle copies me... or do I copy HER? hmmm?)
at lunch Krystle put eyeliner on me, so i walked around with it on... mixed responses...
in algebra, i didn't feel like being there so Audrey wrote me a fake pass saying that i was to leave at 12:15 and the sub let me go. hehe. (thanks Audrey)
so i went to B lunch... nothing happened there,
sub in Debate and all we did was listen to 94.5...
test in English...
we were supposed to work on our Power Points in Biology, but all i did was look at random shyt.
then Chelsea re-did my eyeliner and made the black more visible... good responses...
now i'm here... bo-ring.
hmm... yup. i'm done.
laters homies...


let's take the first bus outta here... [3.31.05 - 6.19pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | amused ]

surprise surprise..
no work added today.
mmm... Me, Andrew, and Chris for the Power Point thingy..
i'm an... Anatologist?
today wasn't a smart day for me...
i was walking to get a book, came back with a dictionary, and did realize it until i was sitting down.
oi vey, i'm sad...
hmm... we're officially done in the band library, so we get to chill now.
friggin sweet.
got our script for The History Of Tom Jones
i don't know who i want to be?
oh well...
i have Lauren's kitty ears.. hehe <3
mmm... that's it.

i think i WILL get custom Vans.


some go this way; some go that way. i prefer the shortcut. [3.30.05 - 9.14pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | curious ]

hooray for more fucking homework.
Jesus Christ, the arse-holes sure know how to pack it.
now we have a "survey" due on Friday and a damn Power Point.
what fun.
other than that, it's all good.

school was alright.
didn't do much in the morning..
finished the music inventory.
hahahaha... lunch was funny.
"What happens if i do this?" [unplug the vending machine]
haha. hmm...
then yeah... nothing else.

La Escuela de Cristo was interesting.
did this little imagining thingy.
hmm... i didn't speak up, but i knew damn well that mine was different...
REALLY different.

Johnny Cochran died... that's sad.

i want Converse.
but not the crappy normal kind you see everyone with.
they're gonna be tricked out.
either that, or i'm getting customized Vans.
fuck yeah.
choices... choices.
what do YOU think?
Converse or REALLY pimped-out Vans?
comment away.


not pink, not green, not aqua-marine... [3.29.05 - 5.26pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | stressed ]

i'm all dsfvdfgvdfav cuz of all this stupid shit.
i need to do so much shit. like that gay little project for Arney that i never fucking turned in. ugh. then i have the shit for Biology thats all fucking due on April 12th. damn. but whatever. and the thing is... i don't even NEED to do most of the shit for Biology, but i'm gonna be all over-achiever and make sure i get a good grade. thank god i have a damn 94 in English. or else i'd be fucked. then Algebra... dude... that's pretty much like if you pass, you pass; if you don't, oh well. so i won't bother with Algebra. i just know i'm passing. and it's not like i can do anything productive in Band seeing as how i'm not going to contest, so as long as i show up, i'm good. doing well in Theatre (for once) and i'm sure i'm passing Debate cuz she has been all anal on my ass lately.
then fucking NHI isn't helping the matter. Jesus Christ... the fucking project shit.
damn it all...

On a LIGHTER note...
i get my iPod next month (finally)
and today was just blah.
mmm... got my shirt dirty.. a lot
wrote down the music crap in Band, then during 4th, we didn't have a guest speaker, so Carlos went up there. haha.. he got booed; nothing during Debate, English blah, watched this random poop about Evolution in Biology.
after school was funny... Jesus and the vending machines.
priceless. but yeah... thats it. i'm out.
later cunts.


the lights are golden.... [3.28.05 - 12.35pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | accomplished ]

dude... i TOTALLY get why the bunny cake we had for Easter was a carrot cake! just figured it out now...


i challenge you to a duel [3.27.05 - 5.39pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | bored ]

Happy Easter...
blah. i dunno.
NOTHING going on.
like at all..
oh god.. just the rest of today and then tomorrow and we have to go back to that hell hole.
then we have like... no more vacations. ugh... i shudder at the thought.
mm... i think i wanna do something tomorrow. but um.. nothing to do.
w/e. mmm... i'm SO fudgin bored dude.
but i DID figure this out:
when i'm older (and rich), i'm going to pay someone for an entire week...
to be a human foot rest. think about it.
i post a wanted ad. and be like,

"Wanted: sturdy person. Not too skinny. Comfy back. Must be able to go for hours on all fours. Must not complain or be a b*tch. (you know, cuz the paper won't let me say "bitch"). $50/hr for one week"

yeah... fucking a.
i'm out. later cunts.


i'm so bored [3.26.05 - 9.02pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | amused ]

so today i woke up at 10:30.
my sister's nose is "swollen"
me arse it's swollen... looks fine to me.
but um... yeah. i didn't do much today.
dude... they're totally showing Alice In Wonderland tomorrow.
Frickin' SWEET!
um.. yeah.. talked to Abby today. that was pretty much the highlight.
but i've figured out my career of choice.
i'm going to be the first white Mexican rapper... who doesn't listen to rap.
either that or i'll be the frontman for a Christian-Metal band.
[insert "Satanic" music] JESUS!!! FOLLOW JESUS! JESUS IS COMING! ARRRRGHHH!!!!!
i'd buy it.
listen to the small children...
"MOMMY! Jesus is coming for me!!!"
"We know, son. We know."
roll that shyt up and smoke it.
peace dawgs.


[3.25.05 - 6.22pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | bored ]

so yeah...
nothing to talk about today.
i'm doing well on my fast.
bread and water.
yup... so i ate french toast, a biscuit, and waffles (w/o anything).
i've been drinking lots of water too. yup yup.
but um.. yeah.. i feel really bad.
like i was asleep... and my sister was tying to wake me up.. and she was RIGHT above me... and i picked up my head and hit her in the nose. (i went back to sleep). then when i woke up, everyone was like "SHE WAS BLEEDING A LOT!" and i was like... holy shyt.
but she's ok. she didn't get mad or anything. couldn't have possibly been worse than what happened when i hit MY nose.
aww... i'm sad. cuz Abby called me while i was asleep. [tear].
oh well... but i don't know what else tyo do, cuz i'm all bored and shyt, so ugh... fucking bugs.. anyway... so yeah. mmm.. i went over my minutes... so i don't think i'll be letting people borrow my phone after school anymore. unless they're bleeding... or dying... or being chased by a rabid monkey that coincidentally also has AIDS and wants to have dirty monkey sex with someone's foot. THEN i'll let them borrow it.
i'm out... later bitches.


[3.25.05 - 1.46am<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | kinda tired ]

yeah... school was boring... no need to talk about that...
except Algebra... where we saw boobies.
but um...
so yeah, i went to the movies with Nava, Sarah, Ishboo, and Bobby.
Jacob got there all late cuz he's a homo...
so they saw Constantine while Alex and I saw The Ring 2.
that movie is fucking hilarious. i was laughing my ass off...
it was a LITTLE scary... not much.
so yeah, i also saw Nava trample over a small child.
poor kid.
then me, Jake, and Daniel went to Marble Slab and got ice cream. mmm.
but um.. that's pretty much it.
YAY! Abby's gonna call me tomorrow!
okay... i'm done.
later nuckas

[3.23.05 - 8.56pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | lalalalalalalala ]

today was weird.
i mean...
k... well Fernandez was being a homosexual in band.
he was complaining and shyt...
and when me, Sal, and Manny were getting up to leave, he caught us, and was like "sit down!" so we acted like we were stretching. hahaha.
then at the end he goes, "Tubas, you're too slow."
so i says, "your MOMs too slow!"
then during lunch, Heather was all BLAH. and she didn't wanna tell me why, so i was like [saddness] and then Yvette was all blah too, but she vented to me, and she was like kluhgsdalkjashflkjashf and i was like... ehh.
then FINALLY Heather was telling me and i dunno... we had to go, but point is, i got her to open up. [yay]
and the rest of the day was BLAH.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------so i went to Jesus School and we watched the dude do a monologue about Jesus' life and he acted out every character. most memorable part:
"NO! Mommy, no! Daddy, no!"
yeesh. i was like [aroo?]
but i dunno... so i'm done?
later bitches

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions.
No more, no less. Ask me anything you want and I will answer it.
Then, I want you to go to your journal,
copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.


[3.22.05 - 5.01pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | curious ]

hmm... today was alright.
i ended up getting pretty good grades on my Geography quizzes.
Arney was PMSing today.
everyone seemed to be mad at lunch... i guess i didn't get the memo?
but things lightened up, so it's all good.
it was brought to my attention that Amy was wearing a skirt today.
[kittens flee in terror]
walked around with Lauren's kitty ears after school. heh.
then i met some girls from Cathey... BLAH.
did... i give Jesus back his game?
East-Side Crows are going DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN!


[3.21.05 - 6.58pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | bloop ]

today was a-okay.
had a pretty good day.
finished part 2 of my depressing suicide poem
part 2 ends well
ummm... the day went by pretty fast. cant wait till Easter Break.
Lauren's kitty ears are the shyt.
other than that, i didnt really do much.
the day consisted of me writing my poem.
oh well... umm... i think i'll go?
later fools.

West-Side Pigeons will DESTROY the East-Side.

You can't fool me... OR my beard [3.20.05 - 3.24pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | bored ]

i'm bored out of my Goddamned mind.
do this... i stole it from Vicky:

1) Your name:
2) Where did we meet:
3) Take a stab at my middle name:
4) How long have you known me:
5) Do I believe in God:
6) What was your first impression of me upon meeting:
7) Color of my eyes:
8) Do I have any siblings:
9) What's one of my favorite things to do:
10) Do you remember one of the first things I said to you:
11) What's my favorite type of music:
12) What is the best feature about me:
13) Am I shy or outgoing:
14) Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules:
15) Any special talents:
16) Would you consider me a friend:
17) If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be:
18) What's your favorite memory of me:
19) If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what one thing would I bring:


Can't lose with 22"s Bitch, THATS whats up. [3.19.05 - 11.56am<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | good ]

haha... hmm... nothing especially exciting has happened.
but yesterday was uber fun.
hmm... came home and got online...
got bored so i call up Jack and he tells me to head over there.
so i walk to Jacks house (along the way i see 2 REALLY hot chicks)
and then when i got there Nava, Nathan, Joel, and Joseph were there too.
so yeah. busted out with the Creme Soda (WHOO!) and played Halo 2 all hardcore
some guy named Albert was there so it was awesome.
Poopie Jr. kicks ASS
so after getting beaten on for a while, we decide to play on Xbox Live.
yup... then i left.
so i call Abby and we talk for a few mins.
then she said she'd call me back, but i fell asleep. hahaha. woops.
but other than that... it was all good.
oh yeah... people also thought my shirt was scary... i think it's cool. (thanks Jesus)
so yeah... fun stuff.
and yeah.. that poem was written in 4th period outof COMPLETE boredom. fyi.
peace out homies.


Another lame-ass poem by Stevan... [3.16.05 - 5.05pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | amused ]


At the end of the day
a dark silhouette
shrouds himself within the shadows
of his own regrets.

He takes a deep breath
then he covers his eyes,
tries not to watch
as the world passes him by.

As he picks up the blade
a mental picture is drawn,
presses it to his skin,
he knows he'll never belong.

He says, "How can there be
others that are just like me,
when people don't even listen
to the words i breathe?"

So he gets up his strength
and he opens the door.
He doesn't even flinch
as the blood drips to the floor.

Finds a .22
he opens the box
and thinks, "If i just pull the trigger
then the nightmare stops..."


[prrr] [3.15.05 - 4.44pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | blank ]

So yeah... today was alright. still nothing worth mentioning.
ERGH... i hate it, cuz my dad just barely learned how to download songs and he fucking downloads UP THE ASS!!! AGH! it's pissing me off... i don't want my computer full of fucking Tejano... ugh. w/e.
so... it's Hohmann's birthday, i hear. heh...

Happy Birthday to you.
You should live in a zoo.
You look like a monkey.
And you smell like one too.

hehe... j/k.
wish he was here... hmm...


1. FULL NAME: Stevan Micheal Ray Arteaga
2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE?: grandpa, grandpa, dad
4. MASCOT: bulldog
5. NICKNAME: nope
6. BIRTHDAY: Nov. 11 1989
7. WHERE WERE YOU BORN?: San Antonio
8. HAVING FUN: not yet...
10. GPA AVERAGE: i don't even wanna know
11. HEIGHT: 5' 7"
12. SHOE SIZE: 10 1/2
13. HAIRCOLOR: dark brown
14. EYE COLOR: green (mostly), hazel (secondly), sometimes somewhere between blue-grey and yellow
15. SIBLINGS: 2 sisters
16. DO YOU LIKE HIM/HER/THEM?: yeah... for the most part
18. LAST MOVIE YOU RENTED: f*ck if i know
19. LEAST FAVORITE SUBJECT: CLASS: any of them where i can't fall asleep
21. LAST CD YOU BOUGHT: Reanimation- Linkin Park
26. FAVORITE ACTRESS: somewhere between Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jessica Biel (they're both sexy bitches)
27. FAVORITE ACTOR: George Clooney, Nicholas Cage, or John Travolta
28. FAVORITE MOVIE: Matchstick Men, Ocean's Eleven, Kiki's Delivery Service
29. FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): don't think i have one...
30. FAVORITE SONG: "Frgt/10"- Linkin Park
31. FAVORITE FOOD: muffins or things that looks like them
33. FAVORITE SINGER/GROUP: Korn, Linkin Park, Refused
34. FAVORITE FRIENDS TO HANG WITH: any of the ones that are free
35. AM I YOUR FRIEND?: who in the blue hell are you?
36. PEN OR PENCIL?: pencil
37. M&M'S OR SKITTLES? m&m's
38. CAKE OR ICE CREAM? ice cream, bitch!
39. WHAT MAKES THE OPPOSITE SEX NOTICE YOU?: why don't you ask them?
40. WHAT TURNS THEM OFF OF YOU?: your mom...
41. HOW LONG ARE YOU IN THE SHOWER?: i don't keep track
43. POOL OR TRAMPOLINE?: personally i don't do water so i guess trampoline?
44. BEST SUPERHERO?: The Flash
45. ONE THING YOU CAN'T STAND?: i have an entire list...
46. FAVORITE DRINK?: strawberry soda
47. WORST FEAR?: enclosing crowds of 3-5 people
48. FAVORITE CITY TO HANG IN: the only one i EVER hang in..
49. BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD: hahahahahahaha... i have something in mind
51. BILL CLINTON: is the only black president we've ever had
52. THE WHOLE ALIEN THING: the truth is out there [insert freaky X-Files music]
54. TEENAGE SMOKING?: not like they're killing ME...
55. PREMARITAL SEX?: [2 thumbs-up]
56. ABORTION?: rot in the abyss...
57. DOING DRUGS: WHICH drugs???
58. MARILYN MANSON: all image... and he ruined Personal Jesus
59. GUY BANDS: have guys in them?
60. DEATH: impending
61. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: what about it?
63. JERRY SPRINGER: good money
64. OSBOURNES: went out after the 2nd season
65. FRIENDS: yes, i have them
66. SURVIVOR: sucked
67. SOUTH PARK: it's a good laugh
68. CHARITY: charitable
69. GIRLS WITH LOTS Of MAKEUP: too much lip-gloss = <////3 70. GOD: <3 1…..2……skip a lot!!! 104. COKE OR PEPSI: coke 105. LAKE OR OCEAN: ocean 106. TV OR RADIO: tv 107. GOING TO THE MOVIES OR RENTING A MOVIE: renting 108. INNOCENT OR DIRTY: innocent... then turning 'em dirty. <3 109. LOYAL OR LIAR: loyal 110. HUG OR KISSES: whatever is in the moment 111. NICE OR MEAN: can't be too nice.. 112. SHORT OR TALL: short 113. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS OR JUST GOOD LOOKING: i'm sorry... but i'm not shallow... not VERY anyway.. j/k 114. VISORS OR HATS? hats 115. IRELAND OR ITALY? Italia 116. CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA: Chocolate 117. HOCKEY OR FOOTBALL: football 118. ABERCROMBIE OR AMERICAN EAGLE: American Eagle? 119. ADIDAS OR NIKE: Vans.... 120. FREDDIE OR RYAN: Kevin 121. JEN OR JOEY FROM DAWSONS CREEK ? Joey... she's a sexy little bitch 122. RED OR BLUE: red 123. EMINEM OR WILL SMITH: Will Smith 124. CARNIVAL OR AMUSEMENT PARK: amusement park 125. MACS OR IBM's: neither 126. BRITNEY OR CHRISTINA: neither 127. WINTER FRESH OR DOUBLE MINT: hmm... HAVE YOU EVER... 128. BEEN ON A PLANE?: no 129. WENT SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN: yeah 130. SWAM IN A LAKE: no 131. PEED IN A OCEAN: i love these questions... 132. PEED IN A POOL: i mean... seriously... where do you THINK of them? 133. GONE SKINNY DIPPING: no 134. CHEATED ON A TEST: come on... it IS me... 135. LET A FRIEND CRY ON YOUR SHOULDER: literally or figuratively? well yes to both anyway... 136. FELL ASLEEP IN THESHOWER/BATH?: every morning 137. FELL ASLEEP WHILE EATING: no 138. GONE TO CHURCH: yup 139. READ THE BIBLE: not all of it 140. CLIMBED A TREE: yeah 141. WATCHED DAWSON'S CREEK: [guilty look] it's CATCHY ok??? 143. GONE SNOWBOARDING: no 144. GONE SKATEBOARDING: for 2 seconds? 145. FELL ASLEEP DURING A SCARY MOVIE: maybe 146. GONE ALL NIGHT WITHOUT SLEEP: fuck yes 147. BEEN TO CAMP: yes 148. HAVE A CAMP: what the hell? 149. PLAYED SOCCER: yeah... 150. BEEN TO A MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL GAME: nope 151. SAW A PRO BASKETBALL GAME: not in person 152. BEEN TO AN NFL GAME: no 153. BEEN TO AN NHL GAME: no 154. SAT IN A RESTAURANT WITHOUT ORDERING ANYTHING: yeah 155. EATEN SUSHI: unfortunatly 156. EATEN FISH: yup 157. WATCHED DIRTY DANCING: no 158. AND DANCED ALONG: no 159. WANTED TO DIE: no 160. MET A CELEBRITY: yes 161. DRIVEN A CAR: for a few seconds. haha. 162. DIDN'T WASH YOUR HAIR FOR A WEEK: HELL NO 163. GOT STITCHES: no 164. BROKEN SOMETHING: no 165. BOUGHT ICE CREAM FROM AN ICE CREAM TRUCK: hellz yeah 166. DRIVEN AN ICE CREAM TRUCK BY ACCIDENT? i'm gonna shoot you 167. THOUGHT ABOUT SUICIDE: no 168. TRIED TO COMMIT SUICIDE: oh yeah... especially w/o thinking about it? NO. 169. USED YOUR PARENTS CREDIT CARD: not yet... =D 170. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SCARED OF GETTING SHOT: shyeah.. sorry i'm not 50 Cent. 171. GOTTEN A CAVITY: yup 172. GOT A SHOT: yes 173. WATCHED SOMEONE DIE: no 174. CRIED SO LONG AND HARD YOU COULDN'T STOP SHAKING: i don't cry... 175. GOT IN A FIST FIGHT: 1... 2... 3... 176. PUNCHED SOMEONE FOR NO REASON: fun 177. THOUGHT YOU WERE IN LOVE: no 178. HAD AN ONLINE RELATIONSHIP: haha... no 179. WATCHED MTV/MUCH MUSIC AT 4 IN THE MORNING: yeah... still sucks 180. USED A PORTA-POTTY: yup 181. STAYED ONLINE TILL 4 IN THE MORNING: uh-huh 182. USED SOMEONE FOR SEX: not yet anyway... 183. HAD SEX FOR MONEY: shyt... how'd you know 184. CHEATED ON YOUR GF/BF: No 185. CAUGHT A FISH: hell yeah! 186. SNUCK OUT OF YOUR HOUSE: not like i ever have anywhere to go, but sure 187. STREAKED: no 188. BEEN HURT BY A GUY/GIRL YOU LIKED: ...yeah... 189. GONE TO ANOTHER STATE: no 190. GONE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY: MEXICO 191. MOVED: last year 192. BROKEN THE LAW: yeah... i don't buckle up... SUCK IT AMERICA 193. WHY: cuz i can 194. HOW: well... the secret is... when you get into the car and everyone snap their seatbelts into place... you don't! 195. KILLED SOMEONE: all the time... i was thinking about doing it again.. wanna help? [SLAP] 196. KILLED SOMEONE IN YOUR THOUGHTS: 1...2...3...4...5...6...[doing it now] 197. SMOKED IN SCHOOL: [sings]Smoking in the boys' room... no 198. BEEN SENT TO THE PRINCIPAL? yup 199. BEEN SCARED ENOUGH TO PEE IN YOUR PANTS: no 200. BEEN STABBED IN THE BACK BY A "FRIEND": not that i can tell 201. STABBED A FRIEND IN THE BACK: shank.. no 202. WHO IS YOUR FAV. PERSON TO SHOP WITH: my mom... cuz i get w/e i want 203. WHO IS YOUR FAV. PERSON TO TALK TO ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX?: anyone that'll listen 204. WHO IS YOUR FAV. PERSON TO TALK TO ABOUT LIFE: anyone who's worthy of knowing 205. WHO DO YOU HATE: i don't throw that word around 206. IF YOU WOULD KISS ANYONE YOU'VE WANTED TO KISS FOREVER WHO WOULD IT BE: Catherine Zeta... mmmmm.... 207. GUYS: yeah.. i'm one 208. IN BETWEEN: the sheets? 209. WHO WOULD YOU WANT TO MEET: god 210. WHO DO YOU MISS? people 211. WHO HAVE YOU LIKED FOREVER? whoever invented the muffin 212. WHO WOULD YOU DIE FOR? anyone who needed me to... maybe. 213. WHO IS THE ONE PERSON YOU KNOW WILL BE THERE FOR YOU FOREVER?: haven't decided that yet... till then... god 214. WHO IS THE NICEST FRIEND YOU KNOW?: hmm... Heather 215. WHO IS THE MEANEST PERSON YOU KNOW? that'd be me 216. WHO DO YOU WANT TO MARRY: your mother... =D

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